Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Pinoy Poetics...poets and their struggles...language...grammar...all that stuff...

I appreciate Pinoy Poetics for what it brings to me. I am reminded of how works of art are born out of struggle, and how when we embrace struggle, we can reach beyond ourselves.

I love Pinoys for reaching for the stars. I love them for sharing their gift with the world without fear...for never minding ridicule...but pushing on and on because there is this dream that chases all of us and binds us in our desire to rise above the circumstances that seek to tear us down.

My younger brother has a friend who dreams of one day winning the Carlos Palanca Poetry competition. I said to him, read a, read, read...and write, write, write. And then, I told him to go get himself a copy of Pinoy Poetics .

I am learning that part of honing my craft as a writer comes from writing and writing and writing and reading and reading and reading and writing and writing and writing some more.

Oh...that's just the easy part actually.

Subbing is another matter.

*I think this post confirms it. I have kicked off the anesthetic haze. Yay!*


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