Sunday, February 26, 2006


So, okay, most of the news from home was bad.

One upnote in all the news was my brother passing his board exams :) So, I'm cheering him in public and saying congratulations, Bro.

The youngest in our family, he'll be joining the oathtaking ceremony come March. One thing I admire about my bro is how he's persevered in order to achieve his dream. I think he was about five years old when he announced he wanted to become a Doctor. Since then, he's never wavered, not an inch.

So, yes, this news kind of puts me on top of the world inspite of everything. What I find admirable about him is how he's been so grounded in his desire to use his gifts for God and for his fellowmen.

Can you believe that out of all the board passers this year, probably only 500 will be applying for residencies in the Philippines? The rest will be heading for the US or for Europe...for richer pastures...dollars and euros.

As for my bro, he's staying in PH.

Dr. Joash Pio Ruiz -- sounds nice, doesn't it :)

Nice to know
dreams come
true ;)


Anonymous mizpah said...

I'M PROUD OF YOU... you are a blessing and an inspiration.
I thank God for you. God bless you doc!

07 March, 2006  

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