Monday, February 06, 2006

So, I have officially unsubscribed myself from the Neil Gaiman writing contest mailing list. Good grief! Talk about some people not being able to differentiate a protest against rules as not being something personal.

But this is again something that tells me how much I've changed since moving to this country. It is so weird to see how people can become so offended by a remark that isn't directed at them personally.

On a happier note, I'm pleased about my story Children of the Falling Stars being accepted for publication on Dragons, Knights and Angels magazine" . It's not yet up as I just got the contract today.

This will be my second publication on there. Children of the Falling Stars is more of a human story than a science fiction one. In a sense, I would say this story is the story of a lot of women who move away from home to live in another place. It's a lot longer than the original 999 words...I think it's about 1,800+. Not a bad word count for a short ... actually a good word count for electronic pubs.

My personal observation of markets: while there is still a market out there for dragons and knights and heros...more of contemporary fantasy/speculative writing is an in-between the cracks thing. I see a lot of this coming out in magazines online and offline. To my mind, the line between genre and "literary" is growing thinner.

One book I recently read is Ishiguro's novel "Never let Me Go", and I know why it's garnered so much praise and acclaim. That is a standard worth writing towards.

The funny thing is that while this novel is quite clearly speculative science fiction in nature, it's classified as "literary". So, when does a work move from being genre to literary? That's a puzzle I've given up on. When it comes down to it, what matters is the writers skill at capturing words and shaping them into a work of beauty. Yes, it is beautiful :)


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