Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Now waiting for responses to: renovations I've made to World in a Bubble ( Man who swallowed the world ) which I sent off to Sharon Dodge, editor in chief of Reflection's Edge. Hoping my email hasn't gone goo-goo on me by not delivering mails where they ought to go. I am hoping she likes the renovations, as I would really, really love to see World in a Bubble on RE. She did say she wanted it on RE, it just needed some changes.

I've resubmitted Children of the Stars...and am hoping it too will find its place in this electronic galaxy.


Just got back from a consult with a surgeon who will be taking out a thing they call the "gall". I still have to look up what that is in english. But it's this little thing inside my body that gives me extreme attacks of pain. The first time, I thought I was having a heart attack. That certainly changes the way you look at life when you think you're on the brink of going.

I took
Pinoy Poetics with me on my visit to the Surgeon. He saw the book and was quite curious about it, which now gives me an idea how to approach writing about this fantastic piece of work. Ah, a pity this isn't available over here. Otherwise, I'd have gone off to the nearest bookstore and bought him a copy. Yes, my favorite hobby...spreading the word regarding my favorite authors ;) and promoting Philippine Poetics.


Just received in my mailbox, finally arrived from the deep recesses of an amazonian book jungle...Bino Realuyo's, Umbrella Country. I would buy every book on the Filipiniana list, except I have this budget I have to stick to and one book a month is just about as reasonable as I can manage at the moment.

Just wait until I sell my million dollar novel ;) He, he... That's quite a challenge for someone who did manage to get through nanowrimo by the skin of the teeth. Going beyond 4,000 words is always a challenge for me.


Waiting is always the hardest part. I really should go and write on the non-internet connected computer now.


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