Friday, February 03, 2006

Blog Tag

Oh, I got tagged by Bec , and now I have to invent answers to questions...Yay!

So, here goes:

Three books I can read over and over:

1) Waking the Dead ( by John Eldredge )
2) Reproductions of an Empty Flagpole ( Eileen Tabios )
3) Anchored Angel ( writings of Jose Garcia Villa * which I loved so, so, so much* )

++ ( I tend to reread Ernest Hemingway at least once a year...sorry...old habits die hard. And I do try to reread Noli Me Tangere once a year too.)

++ ( commentary: I do tend to read a lot of poetry, as I find it stimulates my brain waves...then I start writing odd this one I'm working on about a snake that has all sorts of things to do with time travel...vanishing people...and all that weird kind of stuff.

Three Places I've lived:

1) Surigao City
2) Banaue, Ifugao ( for eleven years ) I do still remember pieces of the language. The hateful thing about moving is losing the own experience.
3) Las Pinas City, Philippines

++ ( and now living in The Netherlands )

Three TV shows I love:

1)Absolutely Fabulous **Nutty, nutty show, but absolutely hilarious and as the title says...fabulous **
2)Star Trek ( basically anything along this line, I love )
3)'allo, állo ( a very funny english comedy show, never fails to make me laugh )
++ 4) Super Nanny ( can't help it )

Three highly regarded and reccommended TV shows I've never watched a single minute of: ( okay, maybe just a second...I'm a writer...I'm curious.)

1) The O.C.
2) Lost ( I never could get the viewing time right. Either missed it or overlooked it)
3) Desperate Housewives

Three places I've vacationed:

1) Beautiful Palawan
2) Brugge, Belgium
3) The South of France

Three of my favorite dishes:

**oh, this is tough** only three??? Are you sure?

1) Adobo
2) Pancit
3) Lumpia

** I love them especially when I don't have to cook them**

Three sites I visit daily:

1) The Sword Review
3) The Chatelaine

Three places I'd rather be right now:

1) Home - in the Philippines with Tatay, Nanay, my bros and my sisters...and my little niece, Sjoban.
2) France
3) somewhere secluded where I can write to my heart's content without interruptions whatsoever for days on end...preferrably with an internet connection .

I wonder if these people play tag....

1)The Chatelaine
2) Mark Young
3) My brother, Joash ( hmmm...I have to find that url )


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