Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Joel writes...

I'm wondering whether we pick up writing by osmosis. Since his debut as a child poet, Joel Jan insists on a regular writing time for himself where he dictates the stories and I type.

Yesterday, I listened to him telling a story to his father. I think I am going to send this story to that man who asked me whether fantastic things come out of a child's imagination.

I wonder what he would have to say to this story wherein Joel Jan paints three rainbows as being the port to another world where God the Father plays hide and seek with unicorns and fairies. Perhaps the funniest section of this story was where Joel Jan tells his father that God is trying to hide his long ears.

I couldn't help interrupting to ask him what he meant by long ears. Is that an animal of some sort?

No, he said. God has long ears. He needs long ears to hear all the prayers everyone is saying.

Ha, ha...okay...that really got me. I'll translate the entire thing into english and post it up here one of these days.


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