Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I've been properly diagnosed now. It seems I have three gallstones, which is the reason why I've been having pain attacks, and the doctor says there's no getting out of an operation. I've never been operated on in my entire life and the thought of spending the night in the Hospital sort of scares me. But it's just a minor operation, they assure me. I've been put on the waiting list, but have to keep an eye on my diet.

Top this with catching some sort of virus that's been flying around the country. Arrgh! I hate being sick. It totally puts my brain to sleep.

Valentine's Day was a big surprise. Usually, I make a lot of fuss about special days, but this time, I sort of forgot all about it. But then, don't you just love surprises?

Imagine how I felt when my husband woke me up on Valentine's day with a lovely bouquet :) That was really sweet.

Yesterday, I posted a bit of a rant. During the weekend, I'd had a conversation with a man who is connected to one of the important Christian publishing houses in the Netherlands. This publishing house tests everything that comes on the market ( books and games ) and is responsible for informing parents what to watch out for. Not a bad idea, except this guy was totally against fantasy and science fiction because he says they are not God pleasing.

But what about C.S.Lewis? I asked.

But did'nt you know that C.S. Lewis called the Bible a myth? He says.

I look at him like he's hit me with an elephant. I mean, I don't recall reading anything like that...

Nevertheless, I say to him, I believe that God gave us the gift of imagination and creativity. I believe that we as Christian writers can write fantasy and speculative fiction that pleases God, if we submit our writing to his hand.

To which he replied: Yes, I suppose you are right.

It's things like these that I bump up against in the Christian community every now and then. Like my brother-in-law who still firmly insists that speculative fiction is not literature and a christian has no business writing them. Argh!

Only time can change this way of looking at things I suppose.


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