Monday, January 08, 2007

Exciting New Year

Yippee! The computer has finally been moved back downstairs! Now, I can catch up on emails, on writing, and on a whole lot of stuff I've missed out on while the computer was up in the attic :) I am doing a happy dance.

The baby room is almost ready :) We have a new closet for our clothes...and while it's not half so luxurious as a walk-in closet, it's almost there. Jan spent all weekend putting the closet together. We love IKEA! We love their PAX wardrobe system.

Now, our bedroom is taking on a look that says, this room is also inhabited by a woman. I am very pleased about that. Pleased too that we took our time with deciding how to change things and pleased about taking the time to think over details before changing things around. I definitely am liking our bedroom's new look, and I won't mind being stuck up there for two weeks after birth.

Waiting around for that baby to come. My belly is bigger than a basketball, and it takes on odd proportions at certain times of day. Also when the baby kicks, you can see where it is kicking.

Walking is hard work. It's puff-puff-puff work. But the miraculous thing is how biking still goes pretty smoothly. So, I took Joel to school today, inspite of the rain.

I was thinking up all sorts of wise and witty things to post here, but it must be part of expectancy...all those wise and witty things just flew out the window. I'll probably have to get myself a butterfly net one of these days, a very fine one that will catch all those thoughts before they fly away.


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