Tuesday, November 07, 2006

music, babies, reading, and the nano project

Thanks to Kristina Seleshanko, for confirming that singing is good for pregnant women and their babies :) I have three groups of singing classes and I am 27 weeks pregnant.

This article on pregnancy and music also makes a great read. I should have read this when I was pregnant with Joel. I remember Brahms, Beethoven, Chopin and Schubert were daily fare for Joel in the womb. Perhaps this explains his somewhat temperamental nature? Perhaps this explains his love for drama? Perhaps this explains the surprising bouts of poetry? All that romantic music must manifest its influence somehow.

Anyway, I've unearthed Mozart, Bach, and Haydn for this baby. My teacher used to say Bach is the music of logic. According to her, lovers of Bach are logical, orderly, and mathematical. Hmmmm...

So, I'm saying hello again to those sonatas, to preludes and fugues and the three and two part inventions. I'd quite forgotten how difficult the classical era can be. Needless to say, after years of not playing them, even the two and three part inventions are proving to be a bit of a challenge. Oh drat, but I used to play that piece just like that ( that's what I keep telling myself ). I should be able to play them again with a bit of practice, shouldn't I? Lesson learned, if you've practiced something for eight hours a day until you've got it right, make sure not to stick the piece at the back of your cupboard.

I'm wondering if the click-clack of my keyboard will also qualify as soothing music for the baby, and if the nightly reading aloud to Joel from The Chronicles of Narnia means the baby will fall asleep when I read passages from The Voyage of the Dawn Trader?

Perhaps this means, I should stop reading the wacky bits of my nano project out loud. I might find myself with a kitty baby.

Talking about kitty babies. King Rat's minions are preparing for a takeover of Overworld Amsterdam. Kitty boys, kitty girls, the tabbies and the dogs, and that one precocious hamster are going to have their hands full. Needless to say, it's time for the great Tom to come back from the dead.

But before all of these can happen, I've got to rescue one of my kitty children from the dumps. Pushing on 10,000 words. The project still sounds fun inside my head. I'm taking Dean Alfar's advice to heart, stopping when I've reached my quota because hubby and family are still number one on the priority. I need those reminders, I really do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

10,000 words! WOOT! Congrats!

I'm very interested to know what the Rats are planning. *grin*

On another note (la!) thank you /so/ much for Mangyan Treasures! It came in the mail this week and I'm looking forward to reading it next month. It's so wonderful that you had it signed too!

Thanks for everything, Chie. You're wonderful.

09 November, 2006  

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