Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Baby Things

I confess to just dashing off the last words on I-Walk and posting it to the shop. Six thousand and something hundred words and I don't have the energy to go back and edit it before posting. I'm quite curious about the feedback this time. I hope I get some really crunchy, solid feedback. Like, I have been trying to discover some facts about the soul ( weight, mass, energy levels ) but all I get on google are pages of theological stuff. Heh. Of course, the soul thing is theological, but I remember reading a couple of months back that scientists did discover that the soul weighs something. Brain on a bad run and I can't seem to locate that issue of Scientific American. Drat!

So, to cheer myself up, I took out some of the lovely little gifts we've gotten for the new addition to our family. The baby isn't born yet and everyone's determined it's going to be a girl. Here's a photo I made of the little baby things :)

I am so looking forward to Autumn Break when I can go shopping for baby things and not worry about getting back home before Joel gets out of school.

Coming soon, my list of things to buy ;)


Blogger Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

Did you find your answer?

21 Grams... that's the estimated soul weight by current standards...

There's a movie even:

Wikipedia Entry on the movie

And here's a wiki about Dr. MacDougall.

Hope it helps!

19 October, 2006  
Blogger Mirtika said...


Hiya Rochita.

With a new baby grandniece, I've been getting to enjoy the utter cuteness of teensy weensy babie things. Loving it.


19 October, 2006  
Blogger rcloenen-ruiz said...

Thanks for the tip, Bec. My husband made a computation on that and he said that if the soul weighs 21 grams of pure energy, one soul would have more than enough energy for an entire city. Wow!

Mir :) I can't resist those cute baby things either. Everyone's saying the baby is going to be a girl, given my fondness for pink things and stuff that is all dainty and feminine.

31 October, 2006  

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