Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nano -- nono

Well, everything's conspired to keep me from finishing Nanowrimo this year. Only two more days to go and I still have more than 25,000 words left to write before its finished.

Still, I think I'll finish this cat populated tale. It's quite fun and I've enjoyed the writing. Mommyness, fatigue, my pelvic bones, and moving the computers as well as our collection of books have kept me from writing these past days...how many days? I think it must have been more than a week.

I'm realizing now that it is true what folks say about dragging inspiration into the room by the roots of her hair does work. It works because I've had to drag myself out of the dips and have had to find the energy to climb up the stairs to the attic where our computer is housed.

Writing about 2000 words a day does get those mental juices flowing. I'm trying to figure out something for Rick's poetry challenge. Something about Inspiration...to which I have these lines:

At other times
She is a fleeing naiad
Hiding behind trees
Shorn bare of leaves

As a fawn
Trapped in mid-flight
At early morn

I'm not so sure yet if it works the way I want it to work. Darn, but this is hard. My brain is all preoccuppied with this baby kicking inside my belly and the due date coming up in a little bit over nine weeks.

At 23,320 words on my nano project. I hope I do finish it before the baby is born.

Here's something I found really inspiring on literary mama. If I can just get that draft finished before the baby is born, I'm sure I'll be able to do something about it. Surely there must be someplace I can sent some cat fiction to .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Chie! You're nearly halfway done with the story, and even though NaNo will end soon, I hope your story doesn't. It's really good!

You'll also feel good having it done before the baby arrives.

*hug* I miss you!


28 November, 2006  

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