Thursday, June 15, 2006

Football Fever

Today: England wins from Trinidad and Tobago. The score: 2-0 ;
Sweden wins from Portugal. The score: 1-0

There's poetry in football too. Something so moving about hearing the sound of a nation's anthem being sung as the crowd cheers their team onward to victory.

Listening to the Dutch voice over, I couldn't help thinking how there is poetry in lines like these:

De hoop is verloren voor Trinidad en Tobago...
Het sprookje is voorbij...
Tranen lopen over
voor Paraguay
einde van
WK dromen

Hope is lost for Trinidad and Tobago
The fairytale is over
Tears fall
for Paraguay
end of
WK dreaming.


And then there's that smile on Beckham's face. That Beckham, no wonder he's got so many fans. Watching him on the field...he's like magic in motion...uber-knight in the 20th century. And that smile when Crouch made the goal : poetry unfolding. There and gone again.


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