Monday, June 12, 2006

Netherlands wins from Serbia and Montenegro, 0-1

Orange fever in The Netherlands. Almost tropical in this heat that peaked at 30 degrees yesterday. Inspite of the heat, the Dutch team came through and won their first match with a brilliant goal by Robben. I am not a football fanatic, but when it comes to the World Championships, I somehow can't seem to avoid cheering for orange . They're our team after all.

After the match ended, you could hear horns sounded everywhere, and cheers coming from homes where folks sat gathered around the tv set. Joel in orange gear, with his hair sprayed orange for the occassion, a Dutch flag on his cheek, because he was no. 1 Orange supporter...he still sports the tatoo today, but it's washable and will have to really go tonight.

Buying football cards -- ah...what mother can resist helping their son to assemble just the right amount of cards to paste into the WK sticker book. I hope he completes his set before WK season ends.

Oh yes, and according to Joel Jan: Arjen Robben is The Man!


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