Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Warm weather over here...almost tropical actually...and we are well into the World Championship Football series. Netherlands won their first game on Sunday with 1-0. A great goal from Arjen Robben. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping Van der Saar will be in good health all throughout the games. He's the best keeper we have, well...in my opinion he is the best keeper. I mean, he does these fantastic saves. Nestelrooi didn't get a chance at the ball this game. Too many players keeping him from that ball.

Yesterday was Ghana versus Italy. Italy, by and far the favorite. They always win anyway. But the team from Ghana gave them a good run for their money. In my heart, I wished a goal for Ghana, but inspite of all their chances at goal, everything went wide off the mark. A bit more work and I'm sure Ghana will be a top contender. They did keep Italy on their toes with their fast play...although towards the end, weariness came in and the match ended at 3-0 in favor of Italy. Clearly an instance of technique winning the day, as technically speaking Italy is head and shoulders above the Ghana team. It was a good match, though. Quite exciting to watch. Those Ghana players are really fast on their feet.


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