Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Luisa Igloria blogs about the slur against the Filipino people on the show Desperate Housewives. I signed the petition after reading about it on Luisa's blog, and it's interesting to read about the influence of protests against slurs like this.

I'm posting the link to the BBC article (originally posted on Luisa's blog) so you can read what it's all about.

I find myself wondering who watches shows like this one anyway? I mean, I don't watch this show because the few occassions when I zapped by, it seemed to me that these housewives must be just about the saddest people on the planet. Okay... I confess to being a non-lover of soap opera and drama series. I confess to not even watching the famed Sex in the City. Why shows like these are considered entertaining are beyond me. I often find myself moaning about the stupidity of the characters and so instead of wasting my energy on that...I'd rather be doing something productive like reading a book...or updating my blog ;)

Anyway, the reason I'm thinking of this issue comes from searching for a column to replace last week's column on Haruah. Searching through columns submitted, I came across Selena Thomason's column on Diversity. I found it engaging and timely and thought I'd do some plugging and prompt readers to go over and check it out. Any thoughts on the topic are welcome in our forum.

Writing about Haruah and columns reminds me of my intention to post a call for voluntary one-time submissions of reviews to the column list. If you've read a book which you'd like to share with other readers, why not write a review and send it in as a column submission to Haruah. While we don't pay for columns, we do offer the opportunity for exposure.

And...last but not least...

I thought I'd post a reminder to vote for Maria Zannini's blog over at http://www.fictionaddiction.net/vote.html

You can vote once a day, so the more votes coming in the better :) I've got to go. I still have a column that needs to be written and sent in before midnight tomorrow.

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