Sunday, September 09, 2007

Last week's flash entry to the Liberty Hall flash challenge was voted as best flash in my group. It didn't win best of the best, but it was pretty cool being best flash in the group, esp. as flashes are pretty rough.

I flashed tonight (without feeling guilty) as Jan is off to France and isn't peeping from behind the door saying "I'm off to bed, good night." Yes, Jan, if you are reading this, I do feel guilty about writing into the wee hours while you drop off to sleep. This week's flash entry is very grounded in the Philippines. I'm curious how readers will respond to that. So far, the response to my other piece which is out and out Filipino has been great. Lots of readers gave me positive feedback and helpful hints on how to make the story stronger.

Both boys are in bed, safely and soundly tucked in. Nothing down here but me and the click-clack of the keyboard. I know there are ergonomic keyboards that don't make a sound, but I think the click-clack sound inspires me. Reminds me of when I used to type out those silly rhyming poems on my Dad's ancient typewriter. There was also that ka-ching when you hit the end of the margin...and for some reason, I never could seem to make a straight margin even if the typewriter was set to make a straight margin. I always had words that needed to extend beyond the margin. Thank goodness for computers.

Do not ask me about how I did in essay writing when I was in grade school. Do not ask about the red marks and the minus points on my essays because my margins looked like slanted corridors growing closer towards each other at the end of the page.

I'm going to try and complete the final rewrite to the piece I wanted to submit to PSF III. It's been great to read the feedback on the piece . I do need to rework the tragic ending to a more hopeful ending.

So, Jan, if you're reading this, that is what I'll be doing on the nights when you aren't here .

I have been taking a poll as to whether people will be interested in attending a reading, and the response is good. Next thing on my agenda is looking for a venue. I was thinking of hosting the reading here in my house, but a friend suggested asking their church if they had room we'll see if I can arrange something. That will be exciting :)

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