Saturday, September 01, 2007

Things to look forward to...

The big boys went to the Feyenoord vs. Willem II football match, baby boy went to sleep, and I decided it was "me" time, and did some surfing, checking of mails and updating of blogs.

Last year, Byzarium published my flash fiction piece, Mistress Vogel. I haven't yet had the guts to send them another submission, but early this week, I sent them another Varo inspired piece entitled, Six Events in a Love Story, and today brought me this wonderful acceptance email from Leigh Dragoon.

So, I will be in Byzarium again this coming October. I'm quite pleased about Six Events being in the magazine that introduced me to Remedios Varo and a number of artists whose works I love. Pretty cool too as this story is definitely with a filipino setting, what with the lead character living in a nipa hut and the town elder bearing the name Juan. How much more Pilipino can a person get?

Our wedding anniversary is coming up in September. I can hardly believe we'll be celebrating our 9th anniversary this year. One more year to go and we'll hit the big 10... Good news, guys, we've made it past the seven year itch . Hubby and I have agreed that we will celebrate by visiting this year's "WoonBeurs" (Living Fair or Home Fair) which will be held in Amsterdam's RAI center. Last year was pretty cool and I came home with a number of magazines I bought simply because the pics were mouthwatering . Yeah, I shall probably be on the lookout for the architecture magazine stand and I shall probably buy myself not one but two super thick glossy MARK mags because if a person writes science fiction, a person has to know what the future will probably look like, right?

The one I bought and still read for inspiration has these amazing buildings in Tokyo designed by poets. Very cool indeed. Much food for thought. I hear the big boys arriving. Here's a short list of things I'm looking forward to:

1. The OMF Lit book release
2. The Orange Room Review --October Issue
3. Byzarium --October Issue
4. My Wedding Anniversary (oh wait, that should be number one)
5. and the Home Fair (buy, buy, buy)

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