Monday, October 01, 2007

posted while waiting for eldest son to come home

The October issue of The Orange Room Review is now online. Congratulations are also due to editors Corey and Rachael who became parents on the 19th of September. Welcome to the chaotic life of writer parents.

Also online is Byzarium's October Issue with Six Events in a Love Story. I just went over and read this fantastic science fiction tale written by Gareth Powell, and if you have time, I highly recommend that you read it too.

I haven't had time to read this month's Interzone yet, but I am looking forward to reading Gareth's story which has been receiving some really great reviews.

Eldest son has come home and second son has sounded the alarm. So the post ends here for now.



Blogger GLP said...

I enjoyed Six Events in a Love Story - and I'm glad you liked my offering.

Best wishes

16 October, 2007  

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