Saturday, May 06, 2006

poetry and art...interesting results

Poetry and art combine to produce interesting results, interesting conversations and awaken awareness...

There's this discussion going on in the illustrations section of Haruah which resulted from an announcement I sent to the Flips group about Rebecca's Mangyan Child .

I love how consciousness and discourse around the photograph, and the poem have resulted in a desire to know more about the other's culture. Thankful too to Linda Nietes of Philippine Expressions Bookstore ( alas I don't have a link ) who forwarded this message about Mangyan Child to Lolita Delgado Fansler who is president of the Mangyan Heritage Center .

Jan who took the photo of the Mangyan mother and child, accompanied my father on one of the medical missions to Mindoro. He has quite a number of beautiful photographs which we've used for some school exhibits. He tends to laugh at my faith in his photographic skills.

But yes, he's fallen a bit silent now...and has agreed to scan and send off the photographs on his file for the use of Mangyan Heritage Center . It's also interesting for my father as the work among the Mangyan tribes is one of those things that keep him on the go. He's over retirement age now...He was born in 1938. Looking at that number, I realize he's almost 70. I don't think he'll ever stop being a missionary doctor. As long as he has the strength, I think he'll be going to those islands, visiting those mountains, trekking up and down, bringing medical care to people who don't have access or who don't have the funds to obtain access to it.


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