Sunday, April 30, 2006


What a fabulous first issue of Otoliths . Congratulations to Mark Young , what a superb first issue. Looking forward to perusing it more closely.

Exciting to think of all the launchings this May Month. Tomorrow, Haruah will be launching her first issue. We've been getting lots of poetry subs but not enough short literary fiction. I mean, we've had some moralistic and preachy subs ( which I personally don't like. I always hated that I'm holier-than-thou attitude ), but we are not getting enough of well-written, engaging or thought-provoking subs.

A lot of work done in the editorial backroom is reviewing work that we think is just about there. We send the sub back to the subber with revisions requested, and then get it back and send more revision requests again before the piece is finally put into proof and made ready for publishing.

We've got some fabulous pieces that passed through without comment, but a good number is hard work . I hope that will change soon.


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