Sunday, April 23, 2006

Now Online....

Mistress Vogel is now online at Byzarium. I am so pleased this piece has been published. This picture is what started me writing work inspired by Remedios Varo. She's a fantastic artist. I've asked my husband to get me a copy of Janet Kaplan's book for my birthday :) It's available at the American Book Center in Amsterdam, ánd will be a welcome addition to my growing library. Yay!

I've also got another something online. My review of Kendal Evans and David Kopaska-Merkel's chapbook, Separate Destinations, has been published on The Sword Review.

I hope you all enjoy reading this work.

Reading subs over at Haruah I found myself wondering what standard christian writers set for themselves when they write. I don't really see myself as a christian writer in the sense of writing something "religious" or "outright christian". In fact, a lot of my work doesn't do that...and I don't know if they have points, but if they do... just happens that way.

Except when I'm writing a column ( which is supposed to have a point anyway ), I see myself as any other writer who struggles to reach beyond him/herself. Nah, I'm not contented with where I am right now. I still struggle for excellence, and dangnabit but I really do want to write to the best of my ability and maybe even better than my best. Is that too ambitious?

This is why I actually welcome crits, even the hard ones. I've learned to see how these crits work towards improving me and my work, and that takes me to another level, if I get past that crit. Maybe this explains my stubbornness in subbing to some mags and my hesitance in subbing to some. Hesitance to untried markets as I don't know whether I am writing up to par yet, and stubbornness on some as a rejection turns into a challenge to write better than my best. So yeah, that's it on plain paper, unerasable. I'll probably keep on coming back for punishment until I write something up to par. I sometimes have a theory about writers having some sort of masochistic streak in them...he, he.

I have to laugh thinking about how I used to think I would never want to work in an office, because that is just too much hard work. And here I am putting in more than 4 hours a day, writing, critting, writing, reviewing, writing and revising yet again. Add Mommy work to that...and you get something more than an 8 hour workday. So, it is hard work, actually. Hard when I realize the next day that I probably have to ditch another couple of thousand words and rewrite the entire thing all over again. But at the end of the day, when a piece finally gets accepted and published, I am so pleased because I know I've given it my best.

Funny thing though is how I'll look back after a month or so and see so many things to tweak about the piece. Oh drat, I think...but there's nothing I can do about it anymore. It's been published.


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