Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Dear Rochita,

I would love to publish this piece. If that's all right with you, let me know, and I'll send you a contract.

This is about Mistress Vogel. A flash piece I wrote and entered into Byzarium's flash fiction contest. I'm pleased about this because Creation of the Birds was my introduction to Remedios Varo and it seems so fitting that this piece should find a home in the same mag that introduced her work to me.

And another email...


Thank you for your submission of "Separate Destinations, A Review" to The Sword Review. It is my pleasure to tell you that we would like to use it. Our format provides for several presentations of your work. We would like to use it as follows:

-- As part of our Internet magazine

Separate Destinations is a chapbook of speculative poetry written by David Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans. Funny how after a review has been written and submitted, there seems to be always more that can be said. In this case, I found myself wondering did I say enough, did I say too little, did I say too much...

I suppose the truth is that when it comes to poetry, I can never really say enough about a work, because in the end it is the reader coming to the page and engaging the work that allows the work to speak for itself. Who am I anyway to speak about the intentions of a poet and whether or not he or she has succeeded or failed? I feel the only thing I can do is to offer my appreciation of works that move and touch my mind and my spirit.


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