Saturday, April 08, 2006

Thinking of these things...

Ernesto writes about life being like the wind. A lovely post which resonates as I read Eileen's posts about her father .

Visiting Mark's blog I come face to face with how the time will come when I'll probably have to face this reality myself.

Years ago, when my Mom was diagnosed with cancer, the reality of possible loss was something I refused to face up to. I think it must have been hardest for my Dad. We were still teenagers when that happened and quite unaware of the imminence of loss. That God chose to prolong my mother's life is something we will all be always thankful for.

Far from home, I refuse to think of this possibility. I don't want to think of it when I am here so far away from home.

My father says: We are all growing old.

I just want my son to know his grandparents. I want my son to enjoy them while he can. This is why I am willing to sacrifice the luxuries because life is so short and there are never enough moments.


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