Friday, March 31, 2006

going home...

So, we've finally come to the conclusion that we can afford to go home this year :) An expensive trip, considering we are now bound to high season rates, but still worth it. According to my mom, there's going to be a super-grand family reunion in July. Carascal first and then Bohol. So, if any of you family members are going to be there, the three of us will be present.

Good to be going home, good to be revisiting these places. Good to regain connections with family, to discover who is related to who and who is who. That will be grand.

Last time we visited Surigao, the change was so violent, it was like going back to a strange country. My memories of dense foliage, and the background of black rocks, sand and sea -- all replaced by a wilderness of dust, and tricycles -- the smell of oil overruled the scent of foliage. And then, there was the devastation, the burnt out shell of my grandfather's hospital.

So much sadness to see my grandparents'home boarded up into sections because my two uncles could not live in peace together. Somehow, my mind kept super-imposing memories of the wide wooden floor, sunshine pouring in through the jalozie windows and a garden where our fantasies ran wild.

Carascal was a relief. It was still the same, still the same sleepy town. I could live and live forever in Carascal, if not for me questioning where to send my son to school when the time comes.

So yeah, this is me taking a deep breath too, because I have decided to finally surrender to my aunt's repeated requests and send in an entry to the Carlos Palanca competition.

Well, says my aunt, it's about time. Even if you don't win, you must try and keep on trying. So, this year, it's a short story and next year I'll have to finish my novel. Ha, ha. Well, well, that will be a feat.

Tomorrow, I'm heading off to my first live workshop since I came to the Netherlands. Taking my Boy in the Bush to this four hour long session with Neil Cocker. My husband asked me if I knew who Neil Cocker was...and for the life of me, I didn't. So, I had to google him to find out who this workshop leader is. Well, it seems he's got letters behind his name and is about to release his first novel, so that should be an interesting session. Let's see whether a lettered person can teach me something I can't learn on the OWW shop ;)


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