Wednesday, March 29, 2006

this notebook

So, I am asking myself what is the purpose of this notebook?

Each time, I return to this notebook, to a picture, to a portrait, to an image. I keep writing these poems/extracts/flash pieces/stories/whatever you may call them. Maybe someday, something here will return like a piece from a past I forgot to remember.

Skritch--skratch--pen on the page---

I remember how when I was a little girl
the beauty of the page
always tempted me

skritch--skratch--my pen on the page---
then the first lines
cross, double-cross

scribble-scrabble--out skratch again

Maybe that's why this bloggy world is perfect for me. My obsession with the pristine page, leads me to write words I am compelled to erase, rewrite, erase, rewrite again.

Still I always love better the taste of another man's cooking Someone else's writing is always yummier than my own :)



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