Saturday, March 25, 2006

Joel's Mooie Woorden

Joel's Mooie Woorden Blog keeps me busy. So, today we were practicing some hay(na)ku. He was quite excited about his blog, especially after I told him Eileen Tabios had visited his blog and had blogged about it.

Who's she Mama? He asked.

So, I told him that Eileen is a poet and she's written a lot of books and she visited his blog because he wrote something using the hay(na)ku form. Add to this the number of emails he's got since his blog launch, he's getting into the spirit of himself being a writer.

I've now been relegated to the ranks of "old writers".

As in: You're an old writer, Mom, and I am a young writer.

Should I start looking for those grey hairs in the mirror???

One thing I'm discovering is that it's very difficult to translate poetry from Dutch into English. How do I get the translation to fit into the form when the translation seems to require more words than they did in Dutch??? *me looking very puzzled*

So, I suppose I'll let that lie for tonight and revisit the blog again tomorrow and figure out a translation.

My favorite is Joel's second hay(na)ku which came out quite spontaneously.

Here Joel states his intention to hold true to his promise. A promise he made not to hit anyone or to burp out loud . Well, since the statement has been made in public, I suppose he'll have that entry to remind him of it if ever he should forget.

Surprisingly, after that blog entry session, he came up with an english song, the words keep coming back, and he really did that tiw-tiw fill-in for a guitar maybe or a drum??? I really don't know but it sounded cool listening to him sing it out.

The first hay(na)ku sequence has to do with our visit to the Train Museum ( his favorite place ). Which accounts for the appearances of words like Train, museum, airplanes and the metro. I'll be posting some pics later on, as we rode in this beautifully painted Winter Olympics train on our trip to Utrecht.

Switching over to Summer Time. The clock moves one hour ahead, meaning we have to go to bed right now.


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