Saturday, March 18, 2006

Trying my hand at flash writing. I sent off two pieces -- Primal Chess which is a bit short of 100 words and one I'm really proud of City of the Birds with only 26 words, to Flashshot Magazine ( an email mag ) and they just got accepted, although they still don't know when it will come out as it's still going to G.W. Thomas for scheduling.

Working on The Traveller's Husband, which looks like it's going to turn into another Wordeaters kind of tale ( still waiting for a verdict on that one. Why is waiting the hardest thing to do? ) . I got some really great comments from the editors of Flash Me Magazine on Traveller, and a note saying they'd like to see it again if I do a rewrite. But they were so right about what's missing in that tale, so I just have to make time to rewrite it. Just like all those other stories in my hard drive that I still have to get around to rewriting.

I've signed up for a live workshop at the English Bookshop -- hoping this will get me off my butt and make me make time to do rewriting.

Why I feel so pleased about these stories? Well three of them were inspired by Remedios Varo :) Oh...wait, I'm still waiting for a verdict on Mistress Vogel...another Remedios Varo inspired flash.


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