Saturday, March 11, 2006

Visiting Ron Silliman's blog this morning -- I had to shake my head at how some people reveal their biases and prejudices.

No, no, no... to my mind one cannot call oneself a critic unless one has read the work being criticqued. But some people will reveal their ignorance and the true nature of their bias --

The power of
Barbara Jane's Poeta en San Francisco lies then its giving rise to discussion and in its exposing the root of bias which exists in society today.

In terms of literature, perhaps this is symbolic of the Filipino writer coming into his/her own within the context of a world where before he/she has been invisible.

Let me say here that I am against racism, sexism and the forms in which these two can rear their ugly heads even in tolerant societies like the one I live in.

This makes food for thought and discussion...Today I'm off to Utrecht to celebrate International Women's Day with my Filipina sisters :)


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