Thursday, March 09, 2006

story up on Dragons, Knights and Angels

Children of the Falling Stars is now up on Dragons, Knights and Angels magazine. The premise behind this story comes from something people back home used to say about someone who was considered intelligent or gifted...about how when God decided to spread gifts or intelligence, the person referred to stood under the skies and accepted all these things with open arms.

Starting from that point, Children of the Falling Stars came into being.

Much harder to finish is this story I am working on which came out as a result of building B543. Reading Scientific American has resulted in me writing another story in the same star system as B543...what is it about stars anyway?

On a downside...well...I just got another rejection from Ideomancer. Although this time with more positive comments :) I'm beginning to wonder what engages the imagination of their poetry editor as I've been straining beyond myself to write something that will engage her imagination. To this poem, she writes that it has a good, clean feel to it but she felt it was a bit too long for the plot of the poem. Hmmmm... I never knew poems had plots before.

So, maybe reaching for Ideomancer was reaching a bit too high for the stage where I'm at...but as I always say, one can dream .


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