Friday, March 17, 2006

mooie woorden -- beautiful words

So, son has been bugging me to get him his own blog where he can publish his own work and get read. So, finally I did get him his own blog, although this means me sitting in front of the computer while he dictates his stories, poems and whatnot.

Since everything is in Dutch, I'm trying to translate them into English too...which is not very easy. According to his teachers his grasp of language is way beyond a six year old level. He's not very good at coloring and his handwriting still needs lots of practice, but his be honest, he startles me sometimes. What I like about him too is how he has this way of mixing words up, breaking rules to create his own idea of words and what they mean.

Funny as this may sound, I do discuss poetry and stories with this child, and I like it that he gets me. I like it that he gets me when I talk about genetically manipulated humans and robotically enhanced beings. I like it that he hugs his dreams so tight and won't let them go in the morning. This so reminds me of how I used to dream when I was a child...

My Mom kept a record of stuff I wrote when I was a kid. Joel at six tells way better stories than I did when I was his age.

So, if he wants to write, what better age to start than now. All the more time to excercise and perfect his craft.

His blog is called Mooie Woorden-Beautiful Words . I'm still working on the links so he doesn't have anything much up on the link department just yet.

I am quite curious how long he'll keep at this project.


More beautiful words coming from Bino Realuyo . He writes about revisiting ground zero. A resonant post filled with haunting images. Someday, when I save up enough, I am going to visit this place too.

Reading Bino's post, I recognize how 9/11 became a catalyst, bringing to the surface hidden biases, and how acts of terror reverberate not only within the country where it occurs, but echoes on to affect and influence communities a world away.

Bino's post touches me.


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