Friday, January 20, 2006

Eileen Tabios reviews The Passion of Phineas Gage & Selected Poems by Jesse Glass

Eileen Tabios reviews The Passions of Phineas Gage and Selected Poems, by Jesse Glass

As I read this review, I realize how much my perception of poetry has changed since I picked up the pen again. A great deal of these changes have to do with reading reviews done by other poets.

For someone like myself who has trouble sticking labels onto written work, reading reviews has helped me a lot to understand the art form, poetry. I appreciate how this has helped me to move beyond fear of poetry and return to loving it.

Poetry as art
layers on

built on
words, shaping movement,

into form,
breathing colour, opening

sensory perceptions
eye, ear, touch

taste, drowning
the beloved tongue.

Bada, bada...I'm still stumbling around in the dark with this. But don't you just love that form ;)


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