Wednesday, January 11, 2006

poetry, like wine,
matures with


Something I've been thinking lately. Back when I was still in PH, I used to not be able to appreciate some poetry. I'd read and think...heh? What's he/she talking about. These days, I look at poetry and I that's what he/she means. In some ways, it's like finding the key to a door that's previously been locked.

Poetry simply rocks.

One poet I've taken to visiting is Mark Young , whose posts make me want to ask, how do you that? Man, I wish I could write poetry like that. *sigh*

Okay, my Dad says this inquisitive mind thought runs in the family. This wanting to know. So maybe that's why he became a doctor? Could that explain my sister's endless quest for knowledge? And my own obsession with wanting to dissect the brains of writers who move me? Erm...that dissection was in a figurative sense, not literal.

Ah well...I still dream of visiting the there . He, he.


On another note. I've been told that my attempts at writing science fiction defy the norm. Why this comment should make me very pleased, is something beyond understanding. Actually, the reviewer who made this comment said something like, he couldn't understand if it was scifi or urban fantasy or magic realism or fantasy or myth. It was certainly unlike anything in genre he´d ever read before. He felt like he should know where this I-Walk is, but couldn't find it no matter how much he googled. Which is what another reviewer did. They googled for the I-Walk. Where is that darned I-Walk, they're asking me. I-Walk is of course a fictional name, although the place does exist. Now, I'm hoping that kind of response is what will grab some editor somewhere and make them publish I-Walk...well, as soon as it's ready of course. It's pretty rough, right now.

Over at the shop, still waiting for more reviews. Not that I've been sitting on it. I haven't stopped poking at the thing since it was born.

Anyway, keeping a record now of what's out and what I'm waiting on.

As of today:

Four stories out
One poem out


Achieved my quota of five subs for this month.



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