Saturday, December 17, 2005

James Stevens- Arce Interview

My interview with James Stevens-Arce, award winning novelist and author of the scifi novel, Soulsaver, has been published on The Sword Review.

James is a busy fellow and I appreciate his taking the time out to answer the questions I sent him. To learn more about James, you can click on this link leading to his website.

Another thing that had me going oh wow, was discovering that James wrote a couple of songs for Mark Anthony who was once married to Dayanara Torres. Yes, the Dayanara Torres who took all of Philippines by storm. A nice common denominator, distant, but still common enough ;)

Do a google with Dayanara Torres and you'll find a mass of links generated by the lady's name. I can't paste them on here right now, mainly because my computer is acting up. I am using an old one that insists on giving me error messages everytime I use explorer.


Well, here's one link anyway:


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