Sunday, November 27, 2005

My Lovely Icon

Posting the winner icon onto my blog. Yes, I made it across the 50,000 word line. Me, sitting here with a big smile on my face. So, this is why people are so enthusiastic about nanowrimo.

I've shelved the story away for when nanoedmo comes along. Gone back to working on my tribal story which is coming along surprisingly well. So, the advice I've gathered from the forum is true. If a story you're working on stumps you and starts to lose its freshness, the best thing to do is shelve it for a while, and go write something else.

It's amazing to come back to a piece that's lost all its excitement only to discover the story lurking under the layers of infodumping.

Story continues to fascinate me. Yes, I am fascinated by stories and by storytellers who can tell a story well.

Separate from myself being a writer, I find the process stories go through interesting. Watching a piece evolve from a short reflection into a short, then into a novella and from a novella into a novel, amazes me.

As I progress in my journey as a scribe, I cannot help but admire writers who are committed and dedicated to the craft.

My wish is to bring all these wonderful writers to the attention of the public eye, to let people know that if not for these people who are dedicated to honing stories that touch and challenge us, we would not have legends to pass on to the next generation.

Wishes they say are the seeds of things to come. This is me, planting my wish seed.


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