Friday, November 25, 2005

Luisa Igloria talks about writing and her latest poetry collection

Visit my latest column on The Sword Review . This column is a result of a telephone interview that I did with Luisa Igloria, author of Trill and Mordent.

Trill and Mordent is published by WordTech Communications and is also available from Amazon .

The poems in Trill and Mordent, make me look up and see how life, in the face of danger and fear, can be so achingly beautiful.

Thinking about Trill and Mordent and Luisa's musical background, I remember my mother telling me the difference between someone who can play a musical instrument and a real musician.

"Real music," my mother said, "is played from the heart. It's not music until it moves the listener."

My mother was an exacting piano teacher, who would not be satisfied until she could hear the emotion ringing through the notes, and I remember being so exasperated when after hours of practice, it still wasn't enough.

Later on, I understood why she kept on saying this. Perhaps it comes from years of hearing the same advice, but I have to agree with my mom, without the feeling, it would just be a collection of notes. That also goes for words on a page, when a poem or a story ceases to move the reader, it becomes merely a collection of words and letters.

Reading Trill and Mordent is like listening to a virtuouso pianist playing on the piano. There is so much beauty there, that this reader has to confess to being moved to tears.

The link to the interview is here:

  • A talk with Luisa Igloria

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