Thursday, November 03, 2005

Eileen Tabios Interview on The Sword Review

This is probably the fastest they gotten to rotating around to my column, but my interview with Eileen Tabios is now up on The Sword Review .

Here's the permanent link
  • to the interview
  • which I've also put into the sidebar to make navigation easier.


    So that really cheered up my day. Especially as I can't seem to get on the nanowrimo site for some strange reason. Because I joined this thing without the slightest idea what I was going to write, it is quite a miracle and only by the grace of God that I have written a little bit over 8,200 words since the first of November. Not bad, eh. I must confess to worrying a bit about Saturday because weekends are a real killer of impetus and if I don't get to write in the weekend, that just slows down that forward drive. Happened to me during the OWW marathon. Darn, I have to buy a surf board so that I can keep surfing that wave.


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