Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Additions to the sidebar...

It must be the time of month, but I managed to write about 3,400 words today. A good thing too because tomorrow is a busy day with sewing lessons in the morning and a birthday party to go to in the afternoon.

I also managed to upload the lovely nanowrimo logo onto my blog with the help of my patient husband :)

I'm adding some more links to the sidebar as soon as life slows down a bit for me to look up links and sites and all that interesting stuff. For starters, I've added on links to blog/websites of fellow writers on The Sword Review.

Selena Thomason who is also participating in nanowrimo for the first time, like me. I admire Selena a lot. She writes really good scifi, and while she continues to tuck published merits under her belt, she remains open and transparent.

Johne Cook is someone whose words of wisdom and whose vignettes continue to be a source of much thought and inspiration. I put a link to his site on the sidebar, because I believe in sharing inspiration.

Keesa is probably one of the most frequent forum visitors on The Sword Review. Her energy and enthusiasm is quite contagious.

I'd like to add some more links to that sidebar, but I'll have to postpone that for another day.


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