Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Inside The Writing Mind

Yay! My column got published. This time, I opted to write a reflection on interviewing writers, poets and creative artists. I'm quite pleased with this column as it expresses in part my motivation for pressing on in this endeavour. I think I'll do a column like this every now and then, after so many interviews. Heading off for the next ten columns...

Aside from doing research and working on the next column, I'm in the throes of this novel for Nanowrimo. Looking at it, I realize that a lot of the short stories I've written have their source in the world this novel is centered around. I find myself wondering if writing about a fantasy world makes fantasy writers more aware of the world unseen that moves and breaths around us. I'm not talking trees and plantlife...I'm talking about the world of the spirit where angels and demons and all those supernatural beings reside.

In my interview with Valerie Mason-John, this is a subject that did come up, because the central character in her story interacts a great deal with friends from the spirit world.

I find myself wondering because just before I crossed the 30,000 word mark, I felt a little shiver run down my spine when I was writing a section about my main character being visited by an owl and seeing spirits/shadows in the darkness...

I find myself praying for wisdom as I write. I know that the goal is to cross that 50,000 word line, but I am also praying at the same time that the work born out of this endeavour will be something I can salvage and use for God's glory.

I suppose I'm coming nearer and nearer to the truth that what really satisfies is not just writing something everyone will enjoy reading...it's writing something worth reading that matters to me.


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