Monday, January 16, 2006

I read this piece of news last week, and could not verbalize properly how much it impacted me. Actually, I was supposed to be writing something else, but couldn't get this off my mind so I just had to get it onto the page.

I found myself thinking about giving and how when "big people" give the act gets limelighted. I'm thinking again about that passage in the bible that talks about giving with your right and not letting the left hand know about it, and the implications of this verse in current events.

Giving is an act of the heart. It proceeds from an attitude of thankfulness and realizing how blessed you have been.

Which is why, when I'm griping about the economy and how much inflation has gone up, I always have to stop myself and think...hey...there are people in the world who can't even eat three square meals a day. Instead of complaining, I should just be thankful.


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