Monday, January 16, 2006

in the news...

There’s this story in the new testament
it tells about these two people
who came to the temple
to give their offerings to God.

And so, there was this man
who was wealthy and mighty
he probably had a herd of camels
a whole lot of gold
pretty much like your modern day
real estate agent,
big business guy
or your big time talk show host
who earns tons of money
giving away a few million
won’t even hurt their pockets
there’s tax rebates
increased popularity ratings
and it’s basically good for the image.

So anyway this big shot fellow
walks into the temple
and delivers his gold
with aplomb
to the sound of applause

“Thank you very much, my audience
Thank you, my fans
Thank you, my weeping public.”

how generous
and kindhearted I am.”

Behind this fellow
comes this raggedy lady
she’s probably old and bent
worn out from
washing someone’s clothes
and scrubbing someone’s floor.
she has to scrounge
for leftovers
just so
she can bring
one measly
unshiny cent
to the temple.

She creeps in
behind the crowd
creeps up
because she’s a bit shy
but really
all she wants to do
is give
all she has to give...

No bright lights turn on
No cheers
No applause

No one notices
she’s there
and gone
the rich man turns
and waddles out
on his fat behind.

But this woman’s the one
Who captures our minds
Who touches our hearts
Who reaches out
And grabs us by the collar
And says

we wouldn’t dare
to say
face to face
to each other
in this modern age...

This story
repeats itself

Somewhere in Turkey
a poor boy
sends a letter
with less than a dollar
(What’s a million Turkish lira these days?)

He sends his money
a few cents
scrounged together
minus the cost of a stamp on an envelope-
no name signed
just words and the money to Pakistan

He says:

I found bread
in the garbage today

I want you to have this
I want to give
I want to give
Even if
This is all
I have to give

Not to be sniffed at
This modern day hero

They’ve offered scholarships
and rewards
boxes and boxes
of plenty

He’s not yet found

Stop and think.


it wasn’t the applause he wanted
not the bright lights
not the tears
mock sympathy
and adulation
no tax deductions

He just wanted to give...

And that,
Reaches out
And touches me
And grabs me by the collar
And says

What the hell are you doing
With the bounty
God gave you today...


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