Thursday, January 19, 2006


Writing another science fiction story. This is just about as addictive as writing hay(na)ku, except it takes a lot longer to finish. I've passed 3,000 words and I'm not yet done. So, here I am taking a break and trying to write some science fiction hay(na)ku, only not succeeding very well, I'm afraid.

But Mark Young over at Pelican Dreaming has written this superb speculative hay(na)ku about Goerge Washington. Oh, oh, that is really beautiful. I wish I could write half like that, I bet if I could, I'd be able to break down Ideomancer's door. I am getting quite obsessed with Ideomancer and wanting to break down the door and gain an entry pass. Now to write the right story or to write the right poem, which is not half as easy for me as it is for some. *sigh*

And here's to hoping I don't jinx my own chances by dreaming out loud on my blog.

Oh, oh. It's time to serenade the muse...please send me something superfantastic. Thank you very much.


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