Thursday, August 11, 2005

A wild ride in the dark...

Driving up the mountains, around hair-raising bends in the dark of night was one adventure that we had not counted on. We held onto the edges of our seats, knowing that one wrong turn on the wheel could end up with us flying over the edge of darkness into the great unknown. Nevertheless, when we woke up to the marvelous view in the morning, with the view of endless land stretched out before us and with not another tourist in sight, we said to each other that it was all worth it.

Maybe we'll take this road another time in the future, but next time we'll pack a bigger tent with us and find a friendly spot to pitch our tent so that we can relax, breathe in the morning air and soak up the sunshine without the pressure to get out of the door before the clock strikes 9.30.

Hiring our own cabin or pitching our tent would give us the advantage of time to relax and take it easy. However, the bed and breakfast pressure did get us out into the countryside and we saw so much more than we would have seen if we'd spent half the morning lazing in a chair and soaking up the sun.

The Dutch couple who owns this bed and breakfast transformed it from a broken down and shabby place into this charming residence where people can rent a room for the night or for several nights. Joel loved it that the children of this Dutch couple had three children who all spoke Dutch. He formed quite a bond with their son who is about his age and they had a grand time playing together.


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