Monday, July 25, 2005

Writing projects...

I'm stuck. 25,000 words into my revised manuscript and stuck again. I looked at the draft this morning and my brain went blink. So, I ended up surfing the net, checking and answering mail, dropping by oww to catch up on reviews, and finally going upstairs to just do the laundry, because nothing worked and I could not get enthusiastic about this section where I am now.

Anyway, this evening, I found myself sitting down at the computer and typing out
3,500 words to a short story that's been simmering in the back burner for sometime. A fictionalized version of two very memorable characters from my childhood, I'm quite pleased with this one and hope that I can find a good home for it sometime in the future...errr...once it's as perfectionized as possible.

I'm now setting the story aside to look at it again another time when the iron is a bit cooler. I've reposted The Wordeaters on OWW, after it's gone through several ending revisions. I hope this ending is much better, and that I can now go on to start hunting for a home for this story which I think is among my best written work so far.

Auntie Ev says to write literary. Would Amado and Cabigat be literary enough? I wonder.


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