Monday, July 18, 2005


These past weeks have brought with them exciting news of romances.

One of our friends has fallen in love with a Filipina. This romance tickles me pink and makes me laugh because last year, when Joel Jan turned five, we invited him over to get a taste of filipina fellowship. He is a sweet fellow, open with a hint of shyness, funny and quite good company.

"Do let's try to match him to some nice Filipina," I said to Jan.

Jan laughed and said that as far as he was concerned, it wasn't our business to meddle.

So, when we got his email a couple of weeks ago, telling us that he had met a girl who gave him a funny feeling, I had to laugh when I found out that it was a Filipina and he had met her of all places, in Thailand.

Funny how romances will create bridges. I found myself welcoming him in a different way, looking at him with different eyes when he arrived at Jan's birthday. In some mysterious way, he became more than just Jan's friend. It was like welcoming an addition to our extended family.

Am I a romantic at heart? I suppose I am. I loved it that his face glowed when he talked about this girl, and that he was already determined to start learning Filipino. A monumental task, but I'm sure he'll manage it.

Along with the thrill that this new romance brings, I find myself a bit apprehensive. I hope that this is truly the right girl for him, and that she sees all the wonderful, shining qualities that make him a truly special person deserving of a faithful and honest love. In turn, I hope that he will value this woman whom God has brought to him in such an amazing way.

Watching romance bloom is very much like watching a seed unfold into beauty. I watch it from a distance, remembering my own romance, cherishing mine because it is unique just as all romances are unique.

No stories are ever the same, similar perhaps in some ways, but they all have their own thumbprints, their own special hallmarks. As I look back, I realize I am seven years down the road in my romance. I look forward to the coming years and hope that my friends will also know the joy of a love that deepens and matures with the passing of time...



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