Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Harry Potter and other things...

Reading Selena's Blog, I had to respond to her post about Harry Potter. Personally, I'm not an HP fan. I've read only one book, just to find out what the hype was all about.

Thinking about HP reminded me of something that Butch, my best college best friend's brother said about RPG. He said that a person who wasn't rooted in reality and who was easily influenced should not do RPG. I think that HP should have a reccomendation like that on it's cover. Meant only for readers who are able to discern reality from fantasy. My five year old son has a classmate who loves HP. While I am open-minded about a lot of things, I still thought that it was inappropriate of her to let these two boys watch an HP film. My son had nightmares for a whole month after that and he couldn't stop talking about HP as if HP would protect him from the nightmare creatures under his bed.

I'm happy to say that he now remembers that God is the strongest and the mightiest and God is the one who shoos away the monsters under his bed. Phew!
On other things:

My writing project is coming along pretty well. After discarding about half of the first draft, I'm now working on a second draft which I hope I'll have done by the end of the month.

I have written a short story based on life in Ifugao, with two familiar characters from my childhood. I don't know if my sister will remember Cabigat and Amado. Amado was the local madman and Cabigat was the local drunk. Anyway, I let Jan read the rough draft for this story and I'm quite pleased because he didn't fall asleep over this one. Ha! That's a good sign. I've had some drafts where he snoozed off halfway. The ones where he sits up and pays attention are the ones that I'm really hopeful about. With this one, he actually sat up, took off his shirt at one point and hunched forward over the manuscript. So, I'm off to revision land. I'll stop writing now - this blog is turning into one major distraction from work.


Blogger Rowena C. Ruiz said...

I do remember Amado and Cabigat. Cabigat was the guy who got drunk now and then. When he did, he would stand outside his house and shout "My name is Cabigat! I eat camote everyday!" He was pretty harmless My experience with Amado was much more scarier. He was a considered crazy and my classmates would tell me stories that if Amado every caught you, he would squeeze the life out of you. That's why when one after he caused a commotion on the school grounds, I was terrified. We had just started up lining to go back to class when he started rampaging through the school playground. Everyone scampered out of his way and some of the boys tried to stop him. In the confusion that ensued I was knocked off my feet. Turns out that the boys who had subdued Amado had bumped into me during the struggle. That incident also changed the way I looked at Cornelius, one of my classmates. He was always teasing us girls and was a general pain-in-the-neck. But from that moment on, I saw him as a person, a human being who could show kindness. As I stood there trembling, he looked up and reassured me with a smile.

06 August, 2005  

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