Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Writer Interrupted:

That's the kind of life I've been living for the past week. Samuel started on solids this week, and we're trying to get him to drink from the bottle. Add to that this week is the last week before the summer break. It's been raining lots and doesn't feel or look like summer at all. I hope the weather cooperates and gives us some beach weather when hubby has his two week break.

We're planning a surprise for our train-loving son. We are going to take a two day trip to Keulen with the ICE train. It's a secret, but since he doesn't read this (he's seven and more interested in games) I can safely write about it here. I'm looking forward to it too, never having been in an ICE train. That will be an experience. Also looking forward to Keulen.

I do love to travel. I want to go back to Paris again...maybe next year. Last time we were in Paris, someone told us it's not a good idea to visit Paris in the summer months. So, I'm shooting for sometime in October next year. Joel wants to climb the Eiffel Tower again, and he still talks about how we went up to the top of Montparnasse and looked out over the entire city. I'll never forget the look of awe on his face, and these words:

Mommy, my dream of becoming a giant has finally come true.

He was so enchanted by Paris, and we hadn't seen everything yet. So, we will definitely revisit Paris someday. With all this travelling, I suppose it isn't a surprise that he's got this desire to become an adventurer someday. But I think he's got the temperament for it. He's a child of wonder.

I planned to do the flash challenge on LH, but failed again. Baby duties. Someday, I'll get my old rhythm back.These days, taking inspiration from Dean Alfar, I do my writing guerrilla style.
What I find interesting is how it's possible for me now to slip into the zone where I left the story yesterday. Currently working on a story called Cordoba's End which I've been adding a couple of hundred words per day to. I've divided it into mini-chapters between the four main characters who are appearing in this story....and I've even roughed out how I envision the story ending.

Reading through my files, I find it interesting to note that most of my stories aren't happily ever after stories....also have got a lot of open-endings. I wonder whether it's got anything to do with my frame of mind, or if it's got something to do with me knowing that beyond the fairytale happily ever after isn't something that just happens.

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