Sunday, June 10, 2007

Genoeg Getreuzeld

In other words, enough of this dilly-dallying.

Late News:

The hay(na)ku continues to find a welcome at Dragons, Knights and Angels Magazine. My fellow Editor, Rick Copple, has been bitten by the hay(na)ku bug and has successfully placed some hay(na)ku poems with DKA. His hay(na)ku poem, Black Hole Relationships, won honorable mention during DKA's 2006 poetry competition. Yes, I'm blogging about it a bit late, but I have my excuses. In December, my mind was occuppied by things other than blogging or writing or going on the net. Rick's Science Fiction hay(na)ku, The Path of Least Resistance, was published in August last year. Danged, but I am so behind on stuff. Anyway, I thought I'd raise my glass (of water) and toast to Rick.

Haruah update:

I think Haruah is a definite "she". Her development has been a bit slow, and it's difficult to find good literary pieces that adhere to the guidelines. Could it be the name of the mag? We get loads of outright preachy pieces, when the vision of Haruah is to publish good literature and not to convert folks.

Writing News:

So, I thought it was time to stop dilly-dallying. Adopting Dean Alfar's guerilla writing method, I've managed to do some sorting and have figured out what stories still need working on, what needs to be rewritten/sent out/fine-tuned.

Working on Little Goddess, I decided to trash almost all of it except the opening and went for wacky instead of serious. He, he. So, I have a furious goddess Momma wreaking havoc on shell worlds, while little goddess takes on a literal meaning in addition to the figurative one. We'll see what happens to this tale, and whether I manage to bring it to a satisfying conclusion. *happily wrings hands together*

I've completed work on Remembrance of Griefs and Losses, my tribute to my neighbour and am now working on a Dutch translation for the family. My deep thanks to Bec for reading the piece and for her feedback.

And finally, a post about a poem I'd forgotten all about. Between Kisses (Sam's Dot Publishing) has accepted my hay(na)ku poem, How to Prepare a Head, for publication. Yayness!

Blogging is also a form of dilly-dallying. Genoeg getreuzeld! I'll be back another day.

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