Thursday, April 05, 2007


Yay! Blogger has let me back in . Blogger weirdness is one reason why I started an lj. But I do miss rambling on blogger. Perhaps it's the blog format, or the way the letters look when I'm typing.

So, while I was absent from blogger, Chickflicks has published "Falling in Love".

Some bug attacked Haruah, managing to erase everything backwards up to January--or was it early February? Drat! I've been soooo absent from the Net. Stuff has been retrieved and rebuilt, and Haruah is back online and accepting subs again, and lo and behold, we are now a paying market.

I've also volunteered myself to write an intermittent column about poetry (what else). I'm not a major poet, but I think I've read enough good poetry to know it when I see it. Also, I thought it would be a good idea to encourage readers to go out and explore, read more, venture out into the deep, dare to read the experimental as well as the known.

Said column will bear the title "In Pursuit of Poetry". Defining poetry is illusive (hence the"In pursuit" part), so I leave defining poetry to the experts and have decided to document what it is I've learned so far, and why certain works are poetry and why some are not.

Anyway, if blogger permits, I'll be using this blog as a sort of notebook on stuff I'm thinking about before it becomes all cohesive.

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