Monday, February 26, 2007

Updating this blog

So much has happened in the past month, and it's taken me time to think of writing in this blog again.

As I've written here, Joy and Sorrow live close to each other in my heart. Samuel's birth was such a joy. He is a wonderful miracle of life, a testimony of God's goodness and grace.

Jessica's passing leaves behind a great gap only time will be able to fill. Looking at her photograph, I think that as long as we remember all the good and beautiful and joyful things about her, as long as we hold on to the memory of all that made her the Jessica we loved, she will continue to be with us.

I think of the Filipino tradition of bringing food for the dead, and I think it is not a bad tradition. In many ways, this comforts us --the living. We remember our dead and we keep them alive and keep ourselves connected to them through the traditions that keep the fire of their memory alive.


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