Saturday, June 02, 2007

Boy in the Bush

Boy in the Bush is now in print at TeenAge Magazine. TeenAge is DEP's newest publication and the editorial staff is comprised of teenage readers and writers. I'm quite curious as to the direction TeenAge will take. Considering their first offerings, it promises to provide an interesting mix of literary work as well as work geared towards the teenage reader.

Boy in the Bush was inspired by the true story of a boy I once met. Rereading the story, I find myself thinking of all the children who are victims of civil war and armed conflict. This story takes place in a mythic village, on a mythic mountain, but it is true in many aspects. So many young lives fail to reach their promise because of war, because of strife, because of violence.

I still have to catch up on a lot of things, six more weeks of school, and I hope the computer cooperates and holds out till the end of school. So many stories that need polishing and rewriting, and I am so behind with criticquing and reviewing stuff at the Shop as well as at Liberty Hall.

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